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The work we do moves beyond effective design and good storytelling.

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At Brand It, you'll find everything you’d expect from a full-service agency. But it's the things you don't expect that make us stand out.

More than simply defining your brand, we tell you what it means to your customers today – and what it could and should mean for them tomorrow.

We help you start the conversation and engage your customers in a dialog that’s both logical and emotional.

Based in Spokane, WA, Brand It creates advertising solutions with decades of collective expertise. We’re experts and strategists, dreamers and visionaries, planners and doers. We’re techies and storytellers, hipsters and nerds. We’re practical, pragmatic, creative and expressive. We possess deep expertise, broad capabilities and, above all, passion for what we do.

Our team creates success for our clients by channeling our efforts through an effective approach called MAPS (Marketing Action Plan and Strategy). Developed from decades of collective experience in all facets of the marketing arena, MAPS provides clarity and focuses marketing objectives into targeted communication and customer experiences that are welcomed, relevant, valuable and effective.

At Brand It we don’t sell advertising. We craft solutions, in whatever form it takes, to get the job done effectively for our clients in Spokane, the Northwest, and nationwide.

What is MAPS? A Marketing Action Plan & Strategy that includes:

  • Written marketing action plan customized for each client
  • Skilled professionals working daily to produce client results
  • Weekly status updates, monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews

Best of all, it’s complimentary and, in our eyes, an absolute necessity for us to exceed client expectations. Ask us about it!

Brand It Advertising Spokane, WA

Healthcare Marketing

Brand It has provided marketing strategy and integrated marketing communications solutions for medical professionals and healthcare consumers for years. Because of our healthcare advertising and marketing experience, we understand the specific and dynamic nature of healthcare marketing and the constant change in regulations.

Automotive and Motorsports Marketing

Automotive and Motorsports advertising and marketing is a totally unique challenge. We understand and respect these highly competitive markets. Because we have the capabilities to launch, manage and evaluate advertising campaigns in-house, we have helped numerous dealerships and ad groups increase sales.

Tribal Gaming and Enterprises Marketing

Gaming players are not the same as retail customers, and Tribal casinos do not have the same business model as the corporate entity down the street. At Brand It, we are well-versed in the different licensing processes, casino operations, and intricacies of marketing a gaming property. We've worked with numerous Tribes and Tribal enterprises to successfully market gaming, destination travel, economic development, cultural heritage and tribally-owned businesses.

Retail Marketing

We understand what it takes to win at retail and offer solutions designed to measure marketing success. By evaluating store-level data, researching purchase decision influences, and creatively communicating with consumers, we deliver solutions that drive your customers through the purchase process.

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