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Media Buying & Strategy Spokane, WA

Effective media buying strategy development stems from relationships.

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Media buying is not just about placing a buy. It's about relationships.

It requires the forging of partnerships with key media vendors to bring you tremendous added value. Having key relationships with the media allows for deeper integration into the fabric of where your dollars are being placed. This makes each media buy more effective, your calls-to-action stronger, and our relationships with you more meaningful. Whether your media needs include television, radio, billboards, print ads or digital marketing channels, we are truly your partners.

Our Media Buying and Strategy Process

Media Planning – Our first, and most-critical, step is to develop the your campaign's target customer profile. We identify your target customers' key behavioral and psychographic factors. What are your customers' ages? What TV shows do they watch? What is their income and where do they live? This allows us to analyze the most effective media methods to reach them.

Media Buying – Once we know who your customers are and best media methods to reach them, we work with our vendors to negotiate the lowest possible rates, explore all value-added opportunities, and place the media buys.

Media Stewardship – Stewardship of in-flight media campaigns includes reviewing all media contracts for complete accuracy, reviewing post-log reports, and ensuring that all creative assets are running as scheduled.

Media Post-Analysis – At the conclusion of each media campaign, we conduct a thorough analysis of every schedule and placement. We ensure that all facets of the media campaign have met or exceeded your expectations.

The Powerful Tools in our Media Toolbox

  • BluHorn™ — Media planning and buying software
  • SRDS — Media market research
  • MOZ — Local SEO
  • Google AdWords & Analytics — PPC and online display
  • STRATA® — Media planning and buying software
  • WideOrbit — Media planning and buying software
  • SQAD — Media cost analysis
  • MOZ — Local SEO
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Media Buying Spokane, WA
Media Buying Spokane, WA

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