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Effective media strategy development is much more than efficient reach and frequency.

Truly effective media campaigns must go beyond the basic benchmarks of cost effectiveness and squeeze every ounce of value from each media dollar spent.

It also requires the forging of partnerships with key media vendors in order to bring tremendous added value to the equation.

Breakthrough media strategy must also be deep-rooted in the concept of integrated marketing communications, where all facets of campaign objectives and creative messaging are considered, reinforced and supported. Naturally this must also include the integration of digital marketing media within the larger context of traditional media and the overall campaign.

Not every agency can pull this off as it requires a tremendous amount of skill and experience. At Brand It Advertising, our media team members have decades of experience in both buying and selling of media in nearly every form. This translates into tremendous value for our clients in terms of innovative and effective media strategy.

The Powerful Tools in our Media Toolbox

  • BluHorn™ — Media planning and buying software
  • STRATA® — Media planning and buying software
  • SRDS — Media market research
  • SQAD — Media cost analysis
  • Scarborough (Nielsen) Research — Qualitative market research
  • SEMrush — SEO competitive research
  • MOZ — Local SEO
  • Google AdWords & Analytics — PPC and online display
  • buffer — Social media management

Our Media Process

Media Planning

Our first, and most-critical, step is to develop the campaign’s Target Customer Profile. Simply identifying target customers as “Adults 25-54” is no longer sufficient. We also identify their key qualitative, behavioral, and psychographic factors. From this we develop their Media Usage Profile, which allows us to review and analyze almost every media vehicle consumed by them.

Media Buying

With the Media Usage Profile in hand, we begin the process of executing the media campaign. During this step we contact the recommended media vendors, negotiate the lowest-possible rates, explore all value-added opportunities, and place the media buys.

Media Stewardship

Once we've placed a media schedule, our work has only just begun. At Brand It, there is no waiting until the end of a campaign to analyze results. Stewardship of in-flight media campaigns is critical to our process. At a minimum, this includes reviewing all media contracts for complete accuracy, reviewing post-log reports, and ensuring that all creative assets are running as scheduled.

Media Post-Analysis

At the conclusion of each media campaign, we conduct a thorough analysis of every schedule and placement. This process includes audience delivery benchmarks, time and space placements, creative placements and expenditures. We ensure that all facets of the media campaign have met or exceeded expectations.

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